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Djs Help Small Businesses Turn Up The Volume On Sales

Posted by on Dec 4, 2015 in Uncategorized |

DJs are commonly hired to spin records at weddings, parties and other events, but did you know that small businesses can take advantage of DJ services as well? Retail shops, beauty salons, cafes and other customer-based businesses can use a DJ to attract and keep clients. Here are five ways. Attract the Right Attention Every small business markets to a specific type of customer. You can use a DJ to attract the kind of clientele you would most like to see patronizing your business. For example, a DJ spinning popular music can show that your shop is just the place for a young and stylish crowd. If you are trying to bring in mature customers with more money to spend, you might consider an oldies DJ.  DJs are about more than just music. Your DJ can tailor the experience to include lighting, props and even dancing that will get people in the mood to shop and spend. Even if you don’t know exactly what you need, your DJ will have plenty of ideas to keep the customers coming through.  Increase Impulse Buys Take a tip from malls and grocery stores by using background music to increase sales among those who are browsing in your store. The American Psychological Association reports on a study showing that mall shoppers buying on impulse spent a huge $32.89 more on average when music was playing.  Your DJ will keep the music going and have even shoppers who typically just browse taking out their wallets and spending some cash.  Make Your Space a Party A DJ gives you the advantage of having not just music but also a real person who can relate to your customers. Regular clients who are recognized by the DJ will begin to feel a sense of belonging to your store or small business. This keeps them coming back for more.  A DJ can also point out special deals, run contests for your customers, take requests and promote birthdays or other celebrations. This gives your business an edge because it becomes a fun destination where people can interact and have a good time.  You don’t have to own a dance club or event venue to get great benefits from hiring an experienced DJ. You will find that a DJ can be helpful to almost any small business by attracting clients and keeping them happy. Happier customers spend more money, and that translates into bigger profits for you. For more ideas about how a DJ could help your business, contact a DJ such as DJ services by James Grant...

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4 Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ About Your Reception

Posted by on Jul 28, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Are you in the process of planning your wedding? If so, one of the most important steps will be hiring a DJ. The DJ can be a big factor in determining whether or not your family and friends have fun at your reception. A good DJ will play music that fits the atmosphere and will get your guests out of their seats and on the dance floor. A less-skilled DJ may play music that doesn’t fit the mood and may have trouble creating a fun atmosphere. Here are a few questions you can ask to determine whether a DJ is right for your wedding: Are you familiar with our reception site? Most professional DJs in your area will have played most of the major reception sites in town. However, it’s still important for you to ask this question, especially if you’re having your reception at a non-traditional site. There are a number of things the DJ may need to plan for at the reception location. For example, older buildings may not have enough outlets to accommodate all of the DJ’s equipment. In some non-traditional reception sites, your planned DJ setup location may not produce the best acoustics. If your DJ is familiar with the space, he or she should be able to offer some guidance and plan appropriately. If they’re not familiar, they should be willing to make a trip to the space to plan appropriately. Can you serve as emcee? And if so, what is your style? There are a number of events in a traditional reception that require an emcee or host. These can include the introduction of the bridal party, the cutting of the cake, any speeches, and ceremonial dances. Most DJs are comfortable serving as the emcee for these occasions, but some aren’t. You’ll want to know in advance if your DJ can handle these duties. Also, you’ll want to know what your DJ’s style is. If you’re having a formal and elegant affair, you may not want a DJ who uses a “party” or “club” style. Similarly, if you want your reception to be a wild party, you may want a DJ who has a little personality. What will you do if no one is dancing? This is a common concern for many brides, and it’s an important question to ask. You likely want people on the dance floor at your wedding, but some of your guests may feel reluctant to get the party started. Some DJs have no problem with using the microphone to encourage dancing. Some will play group dances or line dances to help people feel more comfortable. Others will use careful song selection to encourage dancing. Either way, make sure you know your DJs strategy and be sure that you’re comfortable with it. For more information, contact Crystal Sound or a similar...

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The Provenance Folder: Why Investment Artwork Needs One And What To Include In Yours

Posted by on Nov 5, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Each piece of artwork, whether painting, sculpture or giclée, should have its own provenance folder in your files. This folder can be a physical one, with copies scanned and saved to a computer disc, or it can be a wholly digital file. The important thing is that you create this file as soon as you begin considering the purchase of any work of art. This article will discuss why you should have a provenance folder for each individual piece in your art collection and what to include in each folder. The significance of provenance. Every collectible art piece is considered a unique and separate entity from every other piece, even in the case of prints and reproductions. The combined facts about the piece constitute its individual provenance. An unusual, personal or historic provenance will increase the value of a work of art. But how can you prove that the stories of the odd origin or the famous ownership of a piece of artwork are truly factual? You will have to collect evidence to prove any hearsay or rumors surrounding artists or their creations. Many stories about an artwork will be authenticated by old news stories. They may be referenced in art journals and other publications. If the artist is still alive, you might arrange an interview to discuss the materials used and the thoughts of the artists as he or she conceived of and created the piece. Be sure to record the artist’s revelations, either during the interview or by jotting down notes as soon as possible after meeting the artist. What your provenance folder should contain. The folder that you make to document the value of an artwork should first include a detailed description of the piece. Types of materials used – such as canvas, paper, clay or paint –  must be noted. Included as well should be notation on the exact size of the piece, the type of frame or base used, the general appearance of the piece and any stickers, tags or writing present on it. You should also record the artist’s full name and important life dates, the date of the piece and where and when it was purchased. Your file should include several pictures of the artwork, receipts for its purchase, appraisals, certificates of authenticity and information on former owners if applicable. If it was shown in galleries or art shows, this should be noted. You should have copies of any mention of the artist – or of the individual artwork – that you find in any print or online publication. Historic figures who may have owned the painting should be recognized, but you must authenticate such stories first. If the item is controversial, won awards or received reviews from critics, this information is also valuable. You should thoroughly investigate your artwork and verify everything you read or hear about it. Having a provenance folder prepared for a work of art helps ensure the value of your investment. All of the small details about a piece can add significantly to its value when they can be proven. The provenance folders will also protect you in the event of theft or loss of any of your valuable artwork. Talk to your local art gallery, such as Gallery Gevik Gallery Phillip, for more...

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How To Plan The Best Family Reunion Ever

Posted by on Oct 7, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you are in charge of planning an autumn weekend family reunion, there are some steps you can take to make the event easy and fun. Consider inviting your guests to arrive on Thursday evening, so you can have the entire weekend together. A great meal that would be ready for people who arrive at different times would be crock pot soup served with artisan bread. Do-it-yourself ice cream and cookies would be a perfect dessert.  Friday – On your first full day, keep things simple.  Set out simple breakfast fare that your guests can serve themselves. Some ideas are assorted muffins, a basket of autumn fruits, a covered plate of cold ham and different cheeses, hard boiled eggs, chilled juices and hot drinks. Use disposable tableware! Some may want to go Christmas shopping. Remember, even if you don’t join them, it still might be fun to meet them for lunch. Another lovely activity is to have a Christmas craft ready for those who want to stay home. Ask older children to be in charge of the little ones, providing games, books, and a fun DVD to watch together. Others may want to watch football on TV, play cards, or just be lazy. Don’t worry about them, as they’re on their own! Have somebody order pizza for lunch. Set a time for everybody to meet at supper time. Consider serving something like specialty breads with delicatessen meats and cheese, gourmet soup with French bread, or a pre-baked casserole that you can pop in the oven when the time is right.  Saturday – Now that you have all had a low-key Friday, be ready for a bunch of outdoor activities on Saturday. Hire an event planner! It’s true that event planners often plan corporate events, but they work with smaller groups, too.  Plan Ahead – Ahead of time, create a plan with your event coordinator. Let her know how many people are in your group, and tell her if there are children or teenagers that will be participating. Offer Choices – A perfect plan is to have something fun for different groups. The teenagers, no matter if they’re boys or girls, will surely love go-karts, and so will some of the men. If you have some daring gals, they will jump on the band wagon, too. For those who don’t want to participate in something quite that daring, they will probably love mini-golf. The great thing about mini-golf is that the event planner can divide your party into smaller groups. The little children will be given small golf clubs and they can have their own contest.  The Spectators – You might have older people or others who don’t want to participate at all. They can still have a lot of fun when they are designated as the cheering section. Don’t forget to provide seating for them. The event planner can also provide treats during the day. A Special Meal – Consider asking the event planner to make arrangements for your meals to be catered. If you’ll be at the event all day, consider box lunches for your group during the middle of the day. At the end, consider a Texas barbecue dinner, a Mexican fiesta, fish and chips, good old hamburgers with all the fixings, or another favorite meal of your choice. Just name it and...

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Learn How To Customize A Knit Hat With Needlework

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Knit hats are great for keeping your head warm on cool nights, but they aren’t exactly the most stylish or unique accessory you can add to your wardrobe. If you want to wear one of these cozy hats this winter, you may want to consider customizing it with a bit of needlework. Needlework is very simple to do, once you know what you are doing. Below is a guide for adding a simple flower to a knit hat to add a touch of whimsy to it. Supplies You’ll Need A Needlepoint Needle A Piece of Chalk Yellow Yarn Pink Yarn Green Yarn Scissors A Knit Hat Draw Your Flower Use a piece of chalk to draw a flower onto your hat. You want the flower to be pretty basic in design. The chalk will wash out, when you wash the hat so no one will be able to tell that you drew the image first. Prep Your Needle The first part of your flower that you want to make is the center circle of the flower. Cut a piece of yellow yarn that is about two feet long. Thread the yarn through the needle carefully. Needlepoint needles have a rounded tip to the needle and larger eyes than traditional sewing needles because needlework is often done with thicker threads and yarns. Pull the ends of the yarn together and tie a knot. This will make the yarn appear to be twice as thick, when you create your needlework. Make A Circle Start with the needle on the inside of the hat and push it through the center of the circle you drew to create the center of your flower. Pull until the yarn is taught. Place the needle against the outer edge of the circle you drew. Push it through and pull the needle taught again. Now keep pushing the needle through the center of the circle to the outer edge of the circle until the entire circle is created. Tie a knot to keep the yarn in place and then cut the yarn when you are done. Make the Petals Thread the needle with the pink yard and tie the ends together. Place the needle next to the edge of the center circle you created, at the center of where you drew the center of one of the flower petals. Pull the yarn taught and push it through the hat at the very point of the petal. Push the needle through next to the circle again and push it through right next to the tip of the first line you made, making sure that it is a little bit shorter. Repeat the process until the entire area you drew is filled with yarn and creates a petal. Repeat the process with the other petals. Knot off the end of the thread and cut the needle loose. Adding the flower will take you just a few minutes to do. You can add a few different colors of flowers to the hat or just stick with one to add just a little bit of personality to the hat. For needlework supplies, contact a company like The Frame...

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