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4 Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ About Your Reception

Posted by on Jul 28, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Are you in the process of planning your wedding? If so, one of the most important steps will be hiring a DJ. The DJ can be a big factor in determining whether or not your family and friends have fun at your reception. A good DJ will play music that fits the atmosphere and will get your guests out of their seats and on the dance floor. A less-skilled DJ may play music that doesn’t fit the mood and may have trouble creating a fun atmosphere. Here are a few questions you can ask to determine whether a DJ is right for your wedding: Are you...

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The Provenance Folder: Why Investment Artwork Needs One And What To Include In Yours

Posted by on Nov 5, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Each piece of artwork, whether painting, sculpture or giclée, should have its own provenance folder in your files. This folder can be a physical one, with copies scanned and saved to a computer disc, or it can be a wholly digital file. The important thing is that you create this file as soon as you begin considering the purchase of any work of art. This article will discuss why you should have a provenance folder for each individual piece in your art collection and what to include in each folder. The significance of provenance. Every...

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How To Plan The Best Family Reunion Ever

Posted by on Oct 7, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you are in charge of planning an autumn weekend family reunion, there are some steps you can take to make the event easy and fun. Consider inviting your guests to arrive on Thursday evening, so you can have the entire weekend together. A great meal that would be ready for people who arrive at different times would be crock pot soup served with artisan bread. Do-it-yourself ice cream and cookies would be a perfect dessert.  Friday – On your first full day, keep things simple.  Set out simple breakfast fare that your...

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Learn How To Customize A Knit Hat With Needlework

Posted by on Oct 1, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Knit hats are great for keeping your head warm on cool nights, but they aren’t exactly the most stylish or unique accessory you can add to your wardrobe. If you want to wear one of these cozy hats this winter, you may want to consider customizing it with a bit of needlework. Needlework is very simple to do, once you know what you are doing. Below is a guide for adding a simple flower to a knit hat to add a touch of whimsy to it. Supplies You’ll Need A Needlepoint Needle A Piece of Chalk Yellow Yarn Pink Yarn Green Yarn Scissors A...

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